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Our Story...

Have you ever bought children’s or youth curriculum to save time and energy only to end up frustrated with the material? Us too! We spent endless amounts of money, year after year, on material only to find it difficult to use, understand or just promoting denominational doctrine rather than kingdom-minded material.  We would use the curriculum and find it lacking in results, frustration from our leaders who couldn’t use the complicated matrix, inadequate resources and end up writing our material to compensate and engage our students. After wasting all the money on ineffective material and having to write our own, we thought, “Why not just write our own material and save the church money?” Yes, it is time consuming, but when you end up doing it anyhow after buying material, you’re not saving anything and frustrated on top of things! So we not only wrote the best possible, kingdom-minded material, we wanted to make the resources available to others who have faced this same problem. We’re not trying to promote our church or denominational doctrine. We’re kingdom-minded and only desire to provide material that promotes the kingdom of God and kids to have a personal, meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. That’s the most important thing! If you’re tired of buying material that only leaves you frustrated in the value, then Kingdom Curriculum is for you! We’re not just another curriculum, we’re Kingdom Curriculum with over 50 years of combined ministry experience. Be sure to contact us for a free sample lesson so you can see the difference. We think you’ll agree this is better content with better resources at the best value.

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